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I want to develop my business


Business Transformation, Technology and Innovation

I want to create cool online courses instantly


CanopyLAB is a platform with tools and your own space for creating courses and other online training

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What is TR4NSFORM?

At TR4NSFORM we facilitate transformation for individuals and businesses. If you want to change the world or want to create a better and more succesful business, think about starting with yourself.

At TR4NSFORM we represent CanopyLAB in Brazil. Imagine a platform for creating online courses in a social network where people can talk, share ideas and experiences. That is CanopyLAB. If you are interested in talking about online education in Brazil, come and visit us here

At TR4NSFORM we also work as consultants for companies which wants or needs to transform their business. This often involves new digital technologies. If you are interested in business transformation, com and visit us here.


We operate mainly in Latin America, Europe, and USA

Offices in

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: +45 6160 6541

Tel: +5511 98101 5100

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