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We are a consulting firm,

co-creating business with people who wants to shape the future.


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At TR4NSFORM we facilitate transformation for both large companies and

startups, where Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Data Driven

business models are a vital part of the foundation.

At TR4NSFORM we have a deep understanding of the new emerging technologies,

and how these technologies will transform the shape of the world. 

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Data Driven businesses all have the same nature. 

When fast growing new technologies meet new business models even big business has to transform, and a new marked dynamic emerge with new ground rules where changing your strategy is not enough.

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In accerated times, agile team, transformation
In accelerated times you will always be running behind and catching up until you learn how to orchestrate technology.
That is what we do at 
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Business Transformation


How do I reshape my company for future challenges?

We help you understand if and how you should build an Internet of Things or Data Driven operation into to your company, and how to execute the transformation.

Building competence


Does my team have the right competence to work with new technology and business models?


We help you build the competence and attitude within your team which is needed for your transformation.

Technology Assessment


What technology is best fit to solve your problem or pain-point?

We help you choose the right technology for connecting your data points, or managing your production as a fundamental enabler for scaling your company in a sustainable way.

Business Architecture


What should my business model look like in order to fit to market changes?

We facilitate a deeper understanding of new emerging business models, and how you can take advantage of them.

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We operate mainly in Latin America, Europe, and USA

Offices in

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: +45 6160 6541

Tel: +5511 98101 5100

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